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Justice and Religion

Justice and Religion   Presence of God – Help me, O God, by Your grace, to render You all the homage of which I am capable. MEDITATION Justice leads us to render to each one what is his due. But when it is a question of justice to God, we can never succeed in giving Him all that we owe Him, in making Him a suitable return for all His gifts, in paying Him the worship and homage which are due His infinite Majesty. We can... Read More

21 Great Leadership Movies

February 17, 2015 by  
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The Four Cardinal Virtues (Week 7 of 12) If political life is to regain its dignity, a proper appreciation of the eminence of the ruler’s task and of the lofty human qualities required for it must be revived in the mind of the public. This means the very opposite of a totalitarian glorification of power. It implies rather that an arduous and unremitting effort of education should impart to the people an incontrovertible ideal... Read More

Utter Perversion of Mankind…from Injustice?

February 10, 2015 by  
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The Four Cardinal Virtues (Week 6 of 12) Utter Perversion of Mankind…from Injustice? Justice is a hot word in some circles, and it's one that gets tossed around and not so deeply considered. I didn't realize just how true that was until I dove into this week's reading. Last week, we read that justice is the only virtue that's an external act. This week, in chapter 3, we read two striking bits: Justice simply means “doing... Read More


September 4, 2014 by  
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Justice   Presence of God – Teach me, O Lord, to love justice and to hate all that is opposed to it. MEDITATION When with clever astuteness, the Pharisees asked Jesus if it were lawful to pay tribute to Caesar, He replied: “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God, the things that are God’s” (Mt 22,21). By this simple reply, Jesus gave us clearly and precisely a description of the virtue of justice:... Read More