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Veni Creator Spiritus “Come, Creator Spirit” English & Latin

December 12, 2013 by  
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Come, O Creator Spirit, visit our minds. Fill with your grace the hearts you have created. O you who are called Paraclete, gift of the Most High God, living spring, fire, love, anointing of the soul. Finger of God's right hand, the Saviour's promise, send forth your seven gifts, stir in us the word. Be light to the mind, burning love in the heart. Heal our wounds with the balm of your love. From the... Read More

An Answer to a Question: What is Contemplation?

Recently, Dan received an interesting question and after we talked about it, I asked whether I might respond.  Here is the question: “Is the terminology for prayer different from Ignatian to that of Carmelite spirituality? I'm a Secular Carmelite and I just went on an Ignatian retreat. My understanding of contemplation was that it was a complete gift with no activity on our part. However, the... Read More