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Mary’s Motherhood in the Order of Grace

January 1, 2018 by  
Filed under Liz Estler, Mary, Prayer, Solemnity

Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God The Virgin Mary, who at the message of the angel received the Word of God in her heart and in her body and gave Life to the world, is acknowledged and honored as being truly the Mother of God and of the redeemer. Redeemed, in a more exalted fashion, by reason of the merits of her Son and united to him by a close and indissoluble tie, she is endowed... Read More

The Inn and the Stable

December 13, 2017 by  
Filed under Advent, Books, Charlie McKinney, Spiritual Reading

Every artist has the feeling of being at home in his studio, every patriot at home in his own country, and every man at home in his house. One should therefore expect that the Creator would be at home in His own creation, and that God would be at home in the world He had made. And yet the most startling fact of human history is that when God came to earth, He was homeless at home. “He came unto... Read More

How Your Suffering Can Help Make the World a Better, Kinder Place

November 15, 2016 by  
Filed under Book Club, Vicki Burbach

How Your Suffering can Make the World a Better, Kinder Place   Beautiful Mercy (Week 4 of 5) Nothing makes us more effective ministers of comfort than having suffered ourselves. Not one of your tears of pain will be wasted if you allow them to be redeemed in the life of another. God can use every ounce of what you have been through to make this world a better, kinder place. “Beautiful... Read More

A New Look at the Ascension

October 12, 2016 by  
Filed under Book Club, Sarah Reinhard

Life of Christ (Week 27 of 27) The Ascension has never really been a mystery that's resonated with me. In fact, it's kind of confusing. Or it has been. Jesus comes, does all his miraculous stuff, and saves humanity through the sacrifice of the Cross and Resurrection. But the story's not over! He ascends. What does that mean? In the Gospel of Luke, we get a mere four verses about this…and... Read More

The Gift of Redemptive Suffering

October 4, 2016 by  
Filed under Book Club, Suffering, Vicki Burbach

Life of Christ (Week 26 of 27) After the Ascension these scars would become as oratorical mouths of intercession before the Heavenly Father; scars that He would bear on the last day to judge the living and the dead. In an old legend it is said that Satan appeared to a saint and said: “I am the Christ”; the saint confounded him by asking: “Where are the marks of nails?” – Life of Christ... Read More

Jesus Meets Us Where We Are

September 27, 2016 by  
Filed under Book Club, Sarah Reinhard

Life of Christ (Week 25 of 27) One of the things I have most appreciated in our journey through Life of Christ is how Fulton Sheen makes me think and chew on things I've honestly never thought of before. He makes me realize anew, with each chapter, how Jesus meets us where we are. This continues to be a Bible study of immense proportions because Sheen's breaking open Scripture as he leads us through... Read More

Looking Past this Vale of Tears

September 20, 2016 by  
Filed under Book Club, Vicki Burbach

Life of Christ (Week 24 of 27) As the physical Body of Christ had external wounds, bruises, and scars, and yet the inner structure was left untouched, so there seemed to be a foretelling that though His Mystical Body, the Church, would have its moral wounds and scars of scandals and disloyalties, nevertheless, not a bone of its body would ever be broken. — (Life of Christ, Chapter 52, Paragraph... Read More

Finding Hope in the Seven Last Words

September 13, 2016 by  
Filed under Book Club, Sarah Reinhard

Life of Christ (Week 23 of 27) This is one of those chapters that I dog-eared right from the beginning. Our Lord spoke seven times from the Cross; these are called His Seven Last Words. In the Scriptures the dying words of only three others were recorded: Israel, Moses, and Stephen. The reason perhaps is that no others are found so significant and representative as these three. […] In His... Read More

Democracy Cannot Exist Without God

September 6, 2016 by  
Filed under Book Club, Family, Freedom, Vicki Burbach

Life of Christ (Week 22 of 27) A democracy with a conscience became a mobocracy with power. When a democracy loses its moral sense, it can vote itself right out of democracy. — Life of Christ (Ch. 47, Paragraph 4) Over the past couple of weeks, parents across the country have been ushering their children off to school, posting “first day” pictures on social media, celebrating new horizons from... Read More

What Is Truth? (Hint: Not Facebook)

August 30, 2016 by  
Filed under Book Club, Sarah Reinhard

Life of Christ (Week 21 of 27) This book continually makes me marvel and appreciate our faith and our Savior all the more. In this week's chapters, I found myself facing people who I related with, who I knew, who I have been. Pilate was one of those who believed that truth was not objective but subjective, that each man determined for himself what was to be true. It is often the fault of practical... Read More

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