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Praying With Your Spouse – A Brief Guide – Marriage Spirituality (4/4)

I have an admission to make; I (Dan) really like to pray alone. Several of you have indicated the same preference. Because of this and other human factors, a few have also decided that this will always be the case in your marriage. However, if you have followed this series, you know that, in and through our call to be married, we are also responsible to help our spouses to heaven. Of course, there... Read More

Marriage Spirituality – Book Recommendation

On our last post about Marriage Spirituality Rachel asked, “I like these but is there a prayer that encompasses more of the life and responsibilities spouses share together such as parenting, etc.” So – this prayer book recommendation is just for you Rachel! Please purchase from us HERE to support this site. Here's a summary: Couples marry intending to share everything. But what about... Read More