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Spiritual Direction Process and Index of Posts

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Spiritual Direction Process and Index of Posts Finding, Selecting, and Initiating a Spiritual Direction Relationship How do I find and select a spiritual director? How do I determine if a spiritual director is faithful to the Church? Finding a spiritual director – watch out for confused sheep Faithful priests are too busy… what do I do? How can I find a spiritual director? Concern about seeking... Read More

How should I prepare for a meeting with my spiritual director?

Dear Father John, how should I prepare for a meeting with my spiritual director? Preparation for spiritual direction can be divided into three parts. 1. Remote preparation. Preparing for your next spiritual direction starts during the last moment of your previous spiritual direction. By making a note of the key insights that you received during direction, and by identifying some concrete actions you... Read More

How do I Know if I am Ready for Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Directors

Dear Father John, Though I have read many of your posts on spiritual direction, I am still struggling with taking the leap and making an appointment. I do want to grow in my relationship to Christ but how do I know if I am really ready for this and it is the right thing for me right now? It is a bit intimidating and I don’t want to waste anyone’s time… Relax. The first thing you need to know... Read More

How Much should I Reveal to my Spiritual Director on my First Visit?

Dear Catholic Spiritual Direction, how much are you supposed to reveal to your spiritual director on your first visit? Are you supposed to go back to your first sin, like a general confession? I have found a priest who is willing to be my spiritual director, and I just want to know how much and how far back should I discuss with him on my first meeting. Great questions! I will address the easy one... Read More

Seeking & Approaching Spiritual Director: Meeting #1 (2/2)

December 29, 2009 by  
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Spiritual Directors

In our first post in this two part series we talked about the challenges and perspectives that can stifle our progress in taking the first step with a spiritual director. Now that you have prayed, read, and followed applicable advice, the next steps are easy. Don't worry that you are not an expert or that you might forget or fail to handle each aspect of this relationship perfectly. This is not the... Read More