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Divine Simplicity

Divine Simplicity   Presence of God – O Lord, Thou who art infinite simplicity, simplify my mind and my heart, that I may serve Thee in simplicity of spirit. MEDITATION God is the unique simple Being because He is one in His essence and in all His perfections. When St. Thomas speaks of God’s simplicity, he presents it as the absence of all that is composite. In God there are not quantitative... Read More

Why My House Does Not Engender the Serenity of Simplicity

Finding God Through Meditation (Week 7 of 7) Thou findest here no snares to entangle thee into worldly vanities, no flatterers to applaud thee when thou dost offend, or anything else to withdraw thy affection from the Cross of Christ.  – Finding God through Meditation p. 120 Why My House Does Not Engender the Serenity of Simplicity Years ago, I was blessed to attend a mothers' retreat held... Read More

Simple Resolutions for the New Year

Simple Resolutions for the New Year … I thought I would once again suggest some simple but powerful resolutions for the New Year. So, without a lot of fanfare, here they are: Commit to daily prayer – The stronger our relationship with God is, the stronger our relationships with others will be. Commit to carving out 10-15 minutes of quiet meditation each day. Get away from distractions... Read More