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A Contemplation that Hears Heaven

September 10, 2015 by  
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A Contemplation that Hears Heaven Beyond every psychological experience in prayer, however enlightened it might be, there is a contemplation of the Gospel of Christ rooted in a whole new outpouring of truth. This ceaseless outpouring of love on broken humanity is always new because the Word of the Father, though unchanging, is never old. His voice echoes with unique and unrepeatable harmony –... Read More

Jesus is Asking You… (Part III of IV)

Jesus Is Asking You… (Part III of IV) Either He Rose From the Dead…Or He Didn’t Excerpts from the Weekend Retreat Talks of Father Stash Dailey Editor's Note: In Part II, we examined Christ's question today and the impact of the Resurrection. Today, we will reflect on seeing and living life with resurrected eyes, the reality of Jesus for all humanity, and what makes us Christian. Seeing and... Read More

Marriage, Prayer and the Cross (Part III of III)

In our last post we considered the power of God's love as the ground of married love. In this post, we will ponder the divine love which looks on marriage with resurrected eyes and delve deeper into the kind of prayer faithful marriage requires. Resurrected Eyes. The Gospels invite us to contemplate all marriage, even difficult and failed marriages, with resurrected eyes.  This is a perspective one... Read More