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Questions on Prayer – Part 1

Questions on Prayer Part 1 Do you have questions on prayer? What causes aridity in prayer? Dan and Melissa discuss the topics of aridity and distractions in prayer. They also share some important aspects of their personal prayer routines and what they have learned in life about prayer in “Questions on Prayer Part 1”. Topics/Questions covered in the show: How can we fight the feeling of... Read More

Violent content of psalms: How to deal with this?

July 6, 2009 by  
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Struggling with Violent Content of Psalms Dear Father John, Lately I have started praying the Psalms, even using some of the Liturgy of the Hours. Every once in awhile, I run across sections that throw me for a loop. I mean, there are phrases like “Destroy them in your anger, destroy them till they are no more” (Psalm 59:13) and “Repay them as their deeds deserve, as befits their treacherous... Read More