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What the Church says about private revelations (II of II)

Dear Father John, I understand that we need to defer to the judgment of the Church on matters of private revelations. It only stands to reason that the Church has the wisdom of thousands of years behind it and is very capable of guiding us in these cases. Even so, I feel drawn to dig deeper into Medjugorje and even what I have read about Garabandal. Is this instinct wrong or harmful to my faith? Surely... Read More

Plenary Indulgences and Purgatory – Part III of III

Editor's Note: This is a continuation of our series on plenary indulgences. You can find the previous installment in our series here. Based on your feedback and further consideration on the initial question, I thought I should share a few more thoughts on this topic. The Days of Our Indulgences I want to start with two clarifications. First of all, one reader referred to the older practice of linking... Read More