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Emotions in a Fallen World (Part II of II)

Editor's Note: In Part I, we looked at the variability of emotions, today we'll get to the heart of the issue at hand: why we have emotions. We'll also talk about the unruliness of emotions. Here is the question we are examining: Dear Father John, my very emotional nature often gets me in trouble. Why do we have emotions in the first place? What's the purpose of them? The Purpose of Emotions All this... Read More

Video – I can’t find time to pray

November 8, 2012 by  
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Time to Pray: I can't find it!   Time to Pray: Fr John Bartunek Dan Burke To be a saint, we have to pray.  So, why can't we find time to pray?  And, what does it mean when we can't find time to pray? What is one reason we can be uncomfortable in praying? Prayer is something that is, in fact, possible and is always necessary for our relationship with God, who loves us. In this short video (of... Read More