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Peace of Body Isn’t Optional – Day 10, 30 Days with Teresa of Avila

30 Days with Teresa of Avila 600x334 peace of body

What does St. Teresa of Avila have to say about the connection between peace of body and peace of soul? Find out in today's excerpt and reflection from 30 Days with Teresa of Avila. LXIII Segovia, June, 1574* To the Most Illustrious Señor Don Teutonio de Braganza, Salamanca Congratulations on his safe return. The Saint’s health. Confirmation of the Apostolic Visitors. Projected foundation of... Read More

In Conversation With God: Book Recommendation

In Conversation with God: Book Recommendation from Father Michael Najim   Father Michael Najim recommends the tool of daily spiritual reading as a wonderful thing to incorporate into your daily spiritual plan of life.  Reading a good spiritual book helps stoke the fire of God's love in your heart, even if it is just ten or fifteen minutes a day.  It helps to deepen our relationship with the... Read More

Broken? Stanza X – Part I

August 9, 2013 by  
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Your call Dear Lord, is to something better, where peace and love and grace abound. The soul united with its Master, this is where true joy is found. I’ve lived most of my life in ignorance of what words like this really mean. The examples I saw and the teaching I received said that we live our lives on earth, with all the included suffering and drudgery, in the hope that we will be rewarded by making... Read More