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Piety and Devotion

Piety and Devotion Presence of God – O God, our Father, infuse into my soul the true spirit of piety and devotion. MEDITATION The Christian religion is not limited to the simple relations of the creature with the Creator, relations which, given the infinite distance between them, would remain only within the sphere of reverence and homage, without any character of intimacy, without any confidential... Read More

Piety – Navigating the Interior Life Spiritual Dictionary

Piety Navigating the Interior Life Spiritual Dictionary   Piety – The religious sensibility of a person that reflects an attitude of reverence, respoect, and devotion toward God and the things of God.   This Spiritual Dictionary Term is an excerpt from the Glossary of Dan’s book Navigating the Interior Life – Spiritual Direction and the Journey to God. To learn more, click here  + Art... Read More

Navigating the Interior Life Wk 6 of 6

April 16, 2013 by  
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Navigating the Interior Life Week 6 of 6 Exterior Piety vs. Interior Joy  Millions stand within just a few feet of the grace necessary to ascend to the heights of heaven in this life (with limitations, of course) and to meet the smile of God face-to-face in the next. Many of these souls attend Mass weekly, or even daily, and they are engaged in devotions like praying the Rosary, Adoration, and... Read More

Should I “back off” in my passion for my faith?

January 3, 2011 by  
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Thank you, Father John, for your clarification. On the same topic, I find that some of the Christians around me seem to resent my “zeal”. They would rather I be less intense in my pursuit of holiness and living the Gospel; I make them uncomfortable. Sometimes I am tempted to dial this “divine obsession” back, just to accommodate others. But I don't think that is what God wants... Read More