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The Journey Begins – Part 5 Mini-Course on Prayer


Mini-Course on Prayer Part 5: The Journey Begins   In my last article in this series on prayer, I used the image of an archway to show how vocal prayer and contemplative prayer should ideally grow side by side. In this way, they will find their consummation in the keystone at its summit, which I identified with Christ. I would firstly like to concentrate on vocal prayer. In order to do this, I... Read More

The Purpose of the Offertory of the Mass

What is the purpose of the Offertory during Mass? Join Dan Burke and Melissa Elson as they speak with Christopher Carstens to discuss how we can unite our hearts to God's during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Topics/Questions Covered in the Show: What is the Offertory? How do we prepare our hearts to offer them as a sacrifice to God? What is the common misconception of “sacrifice”? Pope... Read More