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On the Advent of Our Lord and Its Six Circumstances (II/III)

November 30, 2015 by  
Filed under Advent, Dan Burke, Meditations: Seasonal

On the Advent of Our Lord and Its Six Circumstances (Part II of III) (from the Advent Homilies of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, Doctor of the Church) * Advent's Second, Third and Fourth Circumstances Editor's Note: In part I, we looked at the first of the six circumstances of Advent.  Today we will continue our examination, by looking at Advent's second, third and fourth circumstances. * Circumstances... Read More

Folly of Sinners

Folly of Sinners “For the wisdom of the world is foolishness with God.” 1 Corinthians 3:19 The Venerable John D'Avila [now St. John of Avila] would have divided the world into two prisons, one for the credulous, the other for the Christians who live in sin at a distance from God. The prison of the latter he would have called the prison of fools. But the greatest misery and misfortune is... Read More

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