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When You Look in the Mirror, Which Apostle(s) Do You See?

October 3, 2017 by  
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When You Look in the Mirror, Which Apostle(s) do You See? The Lord (Week 16 of 23) Judas must have come to Jesus with the genuine desire to believe and follow him, otherwise, Jesus would not have accepted him. At least, we find nothing of distrust or resistance on the Lord’s part — and still less of any thought of the ‘necessity’ of receiving his traitor along with his other intimates. Therefore... Read More

How to Respond to Betrayal – Lessons from a Pro

August 9, 2016 by  
Filed under Book Club, Vicki Burbach

Life of Christ (Week 18 of 27) Only one who has suffered such betrayal from within the household can even faintly grasp the sadness of the Savior’s soul that night. All the good example, counsel, companionship, and inspiration are fruitless with those who will do evil or “sell out” to those who are bent on destruction. – Life of Christ, Chapter 38, Paragraph 11 Christ understands the... Read More

Does God Heal After Death?

Does God Heal After Death?   People who do evil are sick…and, at death, God will heal them. In my last post, God’s Not Mean so Hell’s Not Possible, I related a conversation that I had recently. My friend had asserted that since God is all good He wouldn’t possibly send anyone to hell and eternal suffering. What bolstered his argument was this assertion: people who do evil are sick (i.e.... Read More

A Holy Week Meditation


A Holy Week Meditation During the Monday through Wednesday liturgies of Holy Week, we listen to the three gospel passages that afford us the opportunity to meditate on the parts of Christ’s body that were “pierced for our sins” (Isaiah 53:5): his hands, his feet, and his heart. In Monday’s Gospel, we contemplate Jesus reclining at table with Lazarus whom he had raised from the dead. There... Read More