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Divine Intimacy Radio – Questions and Answers with Dan Burke

Join Dan and Stephanie Burke as they answer your questions about the dark night of the soul, lectio divina, concentration during prayer and the differences between the purgative and illuminative stages of prayer. Topics/Questions Covered in the Show: Must we all experience the dark night of the soul at some point in our interior lives? What should we do during the “contemplatio” step... Read More

Despair, Discernment, and Distractions in Prayer

Description: Dan Burke and Melissa Elson answer your questions about despair, discernment, and distractions in prayer. Topics/Questions covered in the show: How do we discern or recognize if we're under spiritual attack? How should one discern his or her vocation? How does mental prayer affect our ability to discern properly? How can we properly discern the truth from lies in our thoughts? How can... Read More

The Realm of Contemplative Prayer

Description: What exactly is the prayer of quiet and why does God call us to this type of prayer? Today, Dan and Melissa answer this question and dive deeper into the realm of contemplative prayer. Topics/Questions covered during the show: How does “the prayer of quiet” or silence differ from “the prayer of simplicity”? What are the affects of “the prayer of quiet”? What... Read More

The Power of Sacred Space in Prayer (Video)

February 16, 2017 by  
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The Power of Sacred Space in Prayer   In this video, I reveal one of the secrets of the saints regarding how we can better engage in prayer. The idea of the sacred is lost in our time but that doesn't have to hold us back in restoring this powerful reality in our own homes. When we do this we will find that just as with beautiful architecture, we can speak truth to our bodies and thus be drawn... Read More

Finding Hope and Healing in Prayer (Video)

February 2, 2017 by  
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Finding Hope and Healing in Prayer (Video) Can we really be made new again? Is there really hope for me, a sinner? Can we know peace in these tumultuous times? These are difficult questions but the answer to each is a resounding YES. This is why Jesus came, to draw us into the reality of peace and healing that only comes through relationship with Him. This relationship begins in the sacraments but... Read More

A Personal Prayer Journey

Description: This week Dan and Melissa delve deeper into a personal prayer journey (Melissa's) and address some of the difficulties that have occurred along the way. Topics/Questions covered in the show: Is reading Scripture necessary for a strong prayer life? Renewal in the Church begins interiorly and peacefully. How can we “pray without ceasing” as the Church Fathers suggest? Is... Read More

Prayer with the Saints

Description: This week, Dan and Melissa discuss the importance of prayer with the saints as well as examine the meaning behind Jesus' words about a rich man entering heaven. Topics/Questions covered in the show: What should we do if we can't relate to any particular saint? The saints were not perfect from birth. Their lives reveal that no matter what circumstances and difficulties they experienced,... Read More

Personal Stories: Difficulties & Progress in Prayer

Description: This week, Dan and Melissa share their personal stories of difficulties and progress in prayer and how we can overcome these obstacles to God. Topics/Questions covered in the show: How have Dan’s Into the Deep parish events impacted its participants? Saint Paul says in his letter to the Philippians chapter 1, verse 6, “I am confident of this, that the one who began a good work... Read More

Discerning God’s Voice in Prayer

Description: Dan and Melissa answer listener questions on discerning God's voice in prayer and spiritual reading versus scriptural reading during prayer time. Topics/Questions covered on the show: Common questions on discerning God's voice in prayer. If we can meditate more easily on spiritual reading rather than Scripture, should we only pray using spiritual reading? How do we know if we are hearing... Read More

Navigating Channels of Discovery Prayer or Lectio Divina

How to Navigate the Channels of Discovery Prayer or Lectio Divina Description: Dan and Melissa discuss how to navigate the channels of discovery prayer (or Lectio Divina) and how to best deal with various situations that arise in prayer. Topics/Questions covered on the show: If your prayer time has ended, what should you do if you are not finished with all five steps of discovery prayer? While... Read More

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