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A Clarion Call to the Ministry of Intercession


A Clarion Call to the Ministry of Intercession  The Ministry of Intercession “Ministry” is the English translation of the Latin word ministerium, which means “service.” In its sociological usage, it is applied to institutions or establishments that give aid and services to people. Its Christian understanding is defined by the manner in which Jesus exercised His mission among men: He “came... Read More

Can You Pray for Me? 12 Points to Consider

Can you pray for me? 12 Points to Consider   Can you pray for me? These five words, when strung together, form one of the more important questions in the spiritual life. In and through intercessory prayer, God is asking us to enter more deeply into His outgoing love and mercy. God wants us to think like He thinks, act like He acts, live like He lives, and praying for others is a beautiful way... Read More

The Power of Intercessory Prayer and the Mercy of Our Lord

Description: How should we treat those souls who have fallen away from the Faith? Dan, Melissa and Dr. Anthony Lilles discuss the wisdom of St. Thérèse of Lisieux on the power of intercessory prayer and the mercy of our Lord. Topics/Questions covered in the show: St. Thérèse urges her sister to pray for a man who has left the Church in a scandalous way. Who is this person and why is St. Thérèse... Read More