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What is God’s Will? Part I of II: His Indicative Will

January 25, 2016 by  
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What is God's Will? Part I of II: His Indicative Will Hungering for God's Will Dear Father John, Since I came back to the Church, I recognize my mistakes in following God's will for me.  Now, I want nothing more than to do His will.  But, I'm not really sure what it is.  How do I know what is God's will for me? JESUS IS THE center of every authentically Christian life. Loving God with all our heart,... Read More

What is God’s Will Regarding Suffering?

August 18, 2014 by  
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Editor’s Note:  The following post comes from a new book by Fr. Bartunek published by Franciscan Media: “Answers: Catholic Advice for Your Spiritual Questions”. The questions and answers in this new book are some of Father John’s best. Click here to learn more about the book…or if you wish to get it for a friend or relative who doesn’t read on line. With special endorsements by: Dan... Read More