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Why My House Does Not Engender the Serenity of Simplicity

Finding God Through Meditation (Week 7 of 7) Thou findest here no snares to entangle thee into worldly vanities, no flatterers to applaud thee when thou dost offend, or anything else to withdraw thy affection from the Cross of Christ.  – Finding God through Meditation p. 120 Why My House Does Not Engender the Serenity of Simplicity Years ago, I was blessed to attend a mothers' retreat held... Read More

Making the Passion Real

Finding God Through Meditation (Week 6 of 7)   Making the Passion Real One thing you have to love about St. Peter of Alcántara: he's immensely practical. What we've been reading is a handbook that is as applicable to us now as it was to Teresa of Avila and her contemporaries hundreds of years ago. What is it that makes it so relevant to us? For me, it is passages like this, from this week's... Read More

Mid-Life: Cause for Crisis or Contentment?

Finding God Through Meditation (Week 5 of 7) Consider…the continual motion of our life, never resting night nor day, but going forward without ceasing and every day more and more wastes itself; so that it may not unfitly be compared to a candle, which, by little and little, consumes itself, and when it gives the clearest light, the sooner it approaches unto its end; also a flower, which springs... Read More

Devotion Makes All Things Easy

Finding God Through Meditation (Week 4 of 7) Devotion Makes All Things Easy It is all too easy to see this phase of life as difficult, as so hard that, of course, I don't have time for some luxurious things, like painting my toenails and putting in earrings or praying a full rosary. Except…except that I catch myself, all too often, taking the easy way out. I don't intend to. No, no, I mean to... Read More

Obedience in America and the Future of our Republic

Finding God Through Meditation (Week 3 of 7) Obedience is the most grateful oblation to God, wherein man offers himself for a sacrifice. – Finding God Through Meditation, Ch. 2, paragraph 11 When I first read the above quote by St. Peter of Alcántara, I took issue with the notion that obedience is a sacrifice. I thought maybe St. Peter had something wrong; because personally, I’ve always... Read More

Perspective on Meditation

Finding God Through Meditation (Week 2 of 7) Perhaps, when you read about this book, you found yourself, as I did, slightly trepidatious. Maybe you wondered just how you would do reading it and whether, in fact, you would find yourself able to put any of the advice to use in your real life. I find, sometimes, that reading difficult texts is better done in a group where there's a Designated Smart... Read More

Finding God Through Meditation – Week 1 of 7

Finding God Through Meditation (Week 1 of 7) Welcome back! After a brief sabbatical allowing everyone to get their “fall” activities underway, we are back and very excited to begin the latest addition to Dan Burke's Navigating the Interior Life Series, Finding God Through Meditation, by St. Peter of Alcántara. Since I've shared the blurb on the back of the book in past weeks, today... Read More

Finding God through Meditation Start Date

The Next Book: Finding God Through Meditation Book Club Book Begins October 6 The Next Book Club Book Stay tuned in – we begin the next book in just ONE week! Edited by our own Dan Burke, this book promises great wisdom and should be an important resource for spiritual growth.   The following is from the back of the book:   Finding God through Meditation by St. Peter Alcántara is the... Read More

Get Ready for Finding God Through Meditation

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Get Ready for Next Book! Finding God Through Meditation – Begins October 6, 2015 Get ready for our next book!  Stay tuned in – we begin our next book in just TWO weeks! This work was edited by our own founder of and the Avila Institute: Dan Burke. And, the book promises great wisdom and should be an important resource for spiritual growth.   The following is from... Read More