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To God with Love: St Teresa and the Way of Perfection

A Matter of Life and Death: What Meditation is! From St Teresa of Avila

To God With Love: St Teresa and The Way of Perfection To God with Love, I am yours, I was born for You: What do You want me to do? Teresa of Jesus These words taken from one of St. Teresa’s poems could easily have been penned by her in a letter to God. The phrase “I was born for You” is being used as the logo for the Fifth Centenary of the birth of St. Teresa [She was born in Spain in 1515].... Read More

The Anglican Bridge (Part I of II)

October 4, 2013 by  
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Author Paul McCusker

Life, As I Find It As I’ve written elsewhere, my formative years were spent as a Baptist. Then, after a move to Southern California in the second half of the 1980s, I attended a variety of non-denominational Evangelical Churches. I have described that period as a spiritual wilderness for me, as I was alienated by what the so-called Seeker Movement had done to many churches. Well-intentioned evangelism... Read More