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Do You Ever Get a Busy Signal When You Call God?

Author's note: It's Fr. Hilton's birthday! The Confessions of St. Augustine (Week 15 of 15)   Do You Ever Get a Busy Signal when You Call God? I'd like to tell you I read this chapter twice, gleaning wisdom and insight. I'd love to be bursting with questions about this that would spur discussion and intellectual stimulation. I'd prefer to be sipping a cool drink and gently pointing out the... Read More

Let Them Bark as Much as They Wish, for My Heart Looks to Jerusalem

The Confessions of St. Augustine (Week 13 of 15) For those who deny these things, let them bark as much as they wish, make only a din for themselves.  I will attempt to persuade them, so that they may become quiet and leave open a way into themselves for your Word.  But if they refuse and repel me, I beseech you, my God, “do not be silent to me.”  Speak in my heart, with truth, for you alone... Read More

Circumcise My Lips & Pass the Coffee

The Confessions of St. Augustine (Week 12 of 15) We're far enough in Confessions now that I can say a few things with confidence. 1. I'm glad I read it. 2. Augustine might just be the kind of saint I could hang out with…because he was truly human (and also much smarter than me, but that's a different conversation). Now, with that said, this week's reading was some that I didn't highlight very... Read More

Confessions Book Club Postponed One Week

Book Club Postponed Dear Readers, Book Club Postponed!  Due to unforeseen health issues, Sarah will lead a discussion on Week 12 of The Confessions of Saint Augustine next Tuesday, August 18, which will extend the discussion of this book by one week.  Below is the updated remainder of our current book schedule: Week 12     8/18 Week 13     8/25 Week 14     9/1 Week 15      9/8 Prayers... Read More

Ode to Cecil: Truth is Like a Lion

The Confessions of St. Augustine (Week 11 of 15) Why is it, then, that “truth begets hatred?”  Why is your man who preaches truth to men become an enemy in their eyes, even though there is love for the happy life, which is naught else but joy in the truth?  Can such things be except because truth is loved in such wise that men who love some other object want what they love to be the truth,... Read More

Augustine on the Power of Christian Brotherhood

The Confessions of St. Augustine (Week 10 of 15) In today's reading, we get a taste of Augustine's philosophical bent. I didn't dig out my husband's philosophy book from a few years back when he was working on his undergrad degree, but I'll bet the excerpts in it were from this section. I used to like this sort of thing. It's deep thinking. It takes mind muscle. But, to be honest, I found myself... Read More

Will Anyone Pray for You when You Die?

The Confessions of St. Augustine (Week 9 of 15) “Put this body away anywhere.  Don’t let care about it disturb you.  I ask only this of you, that you remember me at the altar of the Lord, wherever you may be.”  – Saint Monica, speaking to Saint Augustine about her death; The Confessions of Saint Augustine (Book 9: The New Catholic, Chapter 11: The Death of St. Monica) This past weekend,... Read More

Augustine on Conversion: Pleasure Only After Discomfort

The Confessions of St. Augustine (Week 8 of 15) This week's reading struck me in many ways, but especially as Augustine wrote about the concept of pleasure only after discomfort: Human beings obtain normal pleasures of human life not as they come on us unexpectedly and against our will, but after discomforts which are planned and accepted by deliberate choice. There is no pleasure in eating and drinking... Read More

When God’s Will and Your Childhood Dreams Collide

The Confessions of St. Augustine (Week 7 of 15) No more did I long for better things, because I thought of all things, and with a sounder judgement I held that the higher things are indeed better than the lower, but that all things together are better than the higher things alone. – The Confessions of Saint Augustine (Book 7; Chapter 13) When God's Will and Your Childhood Dreams Collide I... Read More

Augustine and the Beauty of Marriage

The Confessions of St. Augustine (Week 6 of 15) Neither of us considered it more than a marginal issue how the beauty of having a wife lies in the obligation to respect the discipline of marriage and bring up children. To a large extent what held me captive and tortured me was the habit of satisfying with vehement intensity an insatiable sexual desire. In his case astonishment drew him towards captivity.... Read More

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