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The Way of Union

The Way of Union   Presence of God – Lord, give me light and strength to root out of my heart all that hinders me from being united to You. MEDITATION “God communicates Himself most to that soul that has progressed farthest in love: namely, that has its will in closest conformity with the will of God” (John of the Cross, Ascent of Mount Carmel II, 5,4). In ordinary life, true love is manifested... Read More

God is Faithful: A Retreat Guide on Mary’s Assumption into Heaven

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God Is Faithful: A Retreat Guide on Mary’s Assumption Into Heaven The newest Retreat Guide from RC Spirituality, God Is Faithful: A Retreat Guide on Mary’s Assumption into Heaven, is now available at www.RCSpirituality.org. The Blessed Virgin Mary led a life full of suffering. But she never let that suffering obscure her faith in God. She continued to believe in God and God’s promises, even... Read More

Mary, Mother of the Son – Book Recommendation

One of the greatest barriers to my conversion to Catholicism was Marian tradition. To be clear, it wasn't Mary herself, it was common practice and teaching about Mary that was difficult for me to stomach. As recently as this summer I still had unresolved internal tensions regarding these traditions and my own daily commitment to properly honor her. I was still stuck between my protestant past and my... Read More