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Making the Impossible Possible: Part 17 Mini-Course on Prayer

MINI-COURSE ON PRAYER SECTION 2  CHRISTIAN MEDITATION Part 17 – Making the Impossible Possible Editor's Note: in part 16, David Torkington discussed the movement in prayer from paralysis in the face of the enormity of Christian revelation, to growing fruitfulness in meditation, to the failure of words to convey the depth of love one experiences in God's presence. This week he discusses how it is... Read More

Transitioning from Meditation to Contemplation

Transitioning from Meditation to Contemplation What is the difference between meditation and contemplation? What does the transition between them look like? How will you know if you are ready for the transition, and how can you prepare for it? Dan and Melissa discuss when and how this transitioning from meditation to contemplation takes place as they reflect on the book Finding God Through Meditation... Read More