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Is the Devil the Beast in the Book of Revelation?

September 26, 2013 by  
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The Beast in the Book of Revelation Father Fortea, is the devil the beast in the book of Revelation? No. The book of Revelation clearly distinguishes between the three key figures who will arise in opposition to Christ and the Church at the end of time: the Antichrist, the beast, and the dragon (or serpent). Whereas the Antichrist is a man, the beast is a political power that brings war to the earth.... Read More

Can the Devil have a Human Child?

September 19, 2013 by  
Filed under Demonology, Fr. Fortea, Spiritual Warfare

Can the Devil have a Human Child? Father Fortea, can the devil have a human child? No. This is absolutely impossible for the simple reason that demons are spiritual beings. A spirit, by definition, has no body, and therefore cannot procreate with a human being. So the popular notion – which turns up frequently in novels and movies – that the devil, at the end of time, will impregnate a... Read More

Where can I find a spiritual director?

Dear Father John, I remember reading long ago St. Vincent Ferrer's “Treatise on the Spiritual Life”, which near the end says that those who cannot find a director will, if sincere, be guided by God/the Holy Spirit himself. He does Not say how God will do this (audibly, by supernatural phenomena, by circumstances one lives in or encounters, by books, or some other ways)? I would very Much... Read More