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Mystical Premonitions: Part 14 Mini-Course on Prayer

October 4, 2018 by  
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Mini-Course on Prayer Section 2  Christian Meditation Part 14 – Mystical Premonitions   Editor's Note: In Part 13, David Torkington discussed Genuine Christian Meditation and its Counterfeit. Today, he will talk about Mystical Premonitions.   Guido the Carthusian After the Reformation, a new terminology began to replace the older monastic terminology for the beginning of mental prayer... Read More

Authentic Contemplative Prayer

Join Dan Burke and guest host, Stephanie Burke, as they speak with Connie Rossini about authentic contemplative prayer. Topics/Questions covered in the show: What is authentic contemplative prayer? Why did Connie start the authentic contemplative prayer group? Why do we need to bring clarity to the realm of spirituality? What are the top three problems with centering prayer? How should we begin a... Read More

Teresa of Avila on Silence in Prayer (Part II of III)

August 24, 2015 by  
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Teresa of Avila on Silence in Prayer Part II of III In part I of this series, I spoke about some ways that Centering Prayer and yoga propose sitting silently as a form of meditation or contemplation. Today I want to focus on St. Teresa of Avila's teaching about silence during prayer. Did she teach the same thing as Fr. Thomas Keating and other Centering Prayer advocates, as they maintain? Silence is... Read More

From Mystical Premonitions to Contemplation

From Mystical Premonitions to Contemplation Sometime ago, I was speaking about what I called mystical premonition, or touches of God, when one of the audience asked, “Are we talking about something that is a particularly Christian experience, or does everyone experience God’s touch?” “It’s for everyone,” I replied emphatically. “God loves everyone, not just Christians, but Christians... Read More