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The Prayer Without Ceasing: Part 20 Mini-Course on Prayer

November 15, 2018 by  
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MINI-COURSE ON PRAYER SECTION 2  CHRISTIAN MEDITATION Part 20 – The Prayer Without Ceasing Editor's Note: in part 19, David Torkington discussed the importance of short, fervent prayers said throughout the day.  Today he reminds us of the centrality of that perfect prayer:  The Holy Mass, and our prayerful participation in it. The morning offering and its implementation, with which we should... Read More

The Sign of the Cross

Join Dan Burke and Melissa Elson as they speak with Christopher Carstens to discuss participation in the liturgy and the meaning and significance behind making the sign of the cross. Topics/Questions Covered in the Show: What three events happen during the liturgy? How do we understand the sacramental principle? What is mystagogy? What does it mean to make the sign of the cross? How can the faithful... Read More