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Walking Together in Suffering

30 Days with Teresa of Avila (Week 6 of 6) …He is a most faithful friend. Let us feel confident that He has considered what is best for souls — all else matters little in comparison. Eternal weal or woe is what signifies; so I beg of you, for love of our Lord, not to brood over your reasons for sorrow but to think about what is consoling. Day 28, St. Teresa's letter, paragraph 3 How... Read More

Giving up the Fight

30 Days with Teresa of Avila (Week 5 of 6) …those who suffer have the gates of true prayer opened to them in ways that even those performing retreat exercises do not enjoy.  The prayer offered when one is too weak to conjure the right emotions, too feeble even to be aware that one prays at all, is all the more perfect and acceptable to God.  – 30 Days with Teresa of Avila, p. 89 Giving... Read More

The Blessing of Suffering: More than a Cute Catholic Phrase

30 Days with Teresa of Avila (Week 4 of 6) I realize better every day what grace our Lord has shown me in enabling me to understand the blessings of suffering so that I can peacefully endure the want of happiness in earthly things since they pass so quickly. Day 15, paragraph 1 of St. Teresa's letter to Don Alvaro de Mendoza The Blessing of Suffering is More than a Cute Catholic Phrase Reading and... Read More

Don’t Feel Like Praying? Just head outdoors!

30 Days with Teresa of Avila (Week 3 of 6) You should take no notice of the temptation to give up prayer and should thank God for your desire of practicing it.  Be assured that your will wishes to pray and loves to be in God’s presence.  Nature complains at the idea of using self-constraint.  When you feel oppressed, you should move occasionally to some place where you can look at the sky and... Read More

God’s High Expectations for Us

30 Days with Teresa of Avila (Week 2 of 6) Do not suppose that you will have to offer God no more than you have planned; you will have to give Him much more. He rewards good works by sending us an opportunity for greater ones. It is nothing to give coppers—they cost us little—but when people stone you and your son-in-law and all of us who have taken part in the matter (as they nearly did in Avila... Read More

30 Days with Teresa of Avila

30 Days with Teresa of Avila (Week 1 of 6) Please join us for a brief but profound foray into the heart and mind of one of the greatest doctors of the interior life, Saint Teresa of Avila! If you've been following the book club but have had trouble finding time to commit, this book promises to be the perfect introduction for your participation. The following paragraph is taken from the back... Read More