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The Apostles and Their Times

The Apostles and Their Times   Description: Join Dan Burke and Melissa Elson as they speak with Mike Aquilina about his book The Apostles and Their Times to help Catholics better understand the roots of the Catholic Church and what early Christianity was really like. Topics/Questions covered on the show: How can this book help us discover the truth about the Apostles and Apostolic Fathers? What is the difference between... Read More

Fatima – A Message that Will Last Another 100 Years

October 31, 2017 by  
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Fatima – A Message that Will Last Another 100 Years The Lord (Week 20 of 23) Prophet after prophet is sent by God to help his people understand his sacred history; to take the plunge into faith and life in accordance with the divine contract, in order that for the faith thus dared they may be blessed with a national fulfillment far beyond their natural capacities as a tiny people surrounded by powerful empires. –... Read More

Education and Culture at the Service of the Apostolate

Education and Culture at the Service of the Apostolate Presence of God – Teach me, O Lord, to put into the service of the apostolate all the talents I have received from You. MEDITATION Together with the natural virtues placed at the service of apostolic charity, it is also necessary to consider the other human qualities which give the apostle an ascendency in his field of activity, not for his personal gain, but for the benefit... Read More

Prayer, Spiritual Desolation, and Internet Addiction

Prayer, Spiritual Desolation, and Internet Addiction   Description: Join Dan Burke and Melissa Elson as they answer your questions about prayer commitments, incorporating intercessions into our prayer time, repetitious prayer, spiritual desolation, and internet addiction. Topics/Questions covered in the show: If we struggle with establishing a morning prayer routine, what can we do to be more successful? We must condition... Read More

Facts about the Devil from an Exorcist

October 25, 2017 by  
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The Pride of Lucifer and His Acolytes God, in His infinite power, created multitudes of angels, an impressive, incalculable number. One day during an exorcism Father Candido Amantini — a Passionist priest and my great teacher — asked a demon: “How many are you?” The demon responded: “We are so many that if we were visible we would obscure the sun.” The demon on that occasion gave information that we have no reason... Read More

Our Lady of Fatima’s Sculpture

Our Lady of Fatima's Sculpture   Description: Today, Dan Burke and Melissa Elson speak with Fr. Hugh Vincent Dyer about Vision of Fatima, the journey of a Dominican priest who sculpted the image of Our Lady of Fatima with the guidance of Lucia, the oldest of the three shepherd children who saw the apparition of the Blessed Mother.  Topics/Questions covered in the show: Who is Fr. Thomas McGlynn and why is his book being reprinted... Read More

Love of Neighbor in Jesus’ Life

October 24, 2017 by  
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Love of Neighbor in Jesus' Life The Lord (Week 19 of 23)   The whole purpose of Jesus' life is to replace our human conceptions of God; not only the primitive, grotesque, but also the highest, purest, and most refined. These above all. Certainly, God is omnipresent, exalted over time and space; yet he also can come when it pleases him; can live among us, and when the hour has struck, can depart and return—with a new countenance. … [N]o... Read More

The Formation of Apostles

The Formation of Apostles   Presence of God – Jesus, divine Teacher, deign to accept me in Your school, so that, under Your direction, I may prepare myself for the apostolate. MEDITATION No special preparation is necessary before giving oneself to the interior apostolate, for, if a soul dedicates itself to prayer and sacrifice, not only will it help others, but at the same time it will draw great profit for its own sanctification.... Read More

Distractions in Prayer and Spiritual Progress

October 23, 2017 by  
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Distractions in Prayer and Spiritual Progress   I've been struggling greatly with distraction in prayer – more so now than I have in years. Does this temptation often come as we progress in the spiritual life (especially with the night of sense)? Distractions can come from different causes.  As we begin to engage in mental prayer (and “beginnings” can last for years), distractions can be sign of a divided heart.... Read More

An Exorcist and a Journalist Explore Eastern Meditation and Mindfulness

Should a Catholic Practice Mindfulness? Eastern meditation techniques are a growing fad to relax and alleviate stress and anxiety.  Some of it has even slipped into corners of the Church presented as something that can co-exist with Catholic spirituality. But according to an exorcist and an author on A Catholic Guide to Mindfulness, such meditations are contrary to the Catholic faith and neither healthy nor even harmless. Father... Read More

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