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Vicki Burbach on EWTN Live with Father Mitch Pacwa

Vicki Burbach on “EWTN Live” with Fr Mitch Pacwa

The Full Interview

On the “EWTN Live” show, Fr. Mitch Pacwa interviews SpiritualDirection.com Book Club's own Vicki Burbach about her life, her conversion to Catholicism, raising and homeschooling her six children, and her book How to Read Your Way to Heaven. Vicki talks about how Christian classmates impacted her when they stood up to their atheist professor. She reflects on the impact of Saint Gianna Beretta Molla, St. John XXIII, and others, on her faith and how her “head knowledge” of the faith became “heart knowledge” — how this can happen for you, too!  Explaining how she would read and read and not retain all the exciting things she was learning, she remembered how Ben Franklin had been very organized. And so, she determined to organize her own reading in order to reach goals she had set for herself: to develop and deepen her faith, and also her relationship and conversation with Our Lord through the work of the Holy Spirit … skills she shares with readers through her new book.

This is a wonderful interview and a great chance to get to know the Vicki we already know and love, from the Book Club, in a more personal way. Sit down, grab a cup of coffee or your beverage of choice, get comfortable and enjoy!

for post on Vicki Burbach on EWTN LiveVicki's book How to Read Your Way to Heaven: A Spiritual Reading Program for the Worst of Sinners, the Greatest of Saints, and Everyone in Between can also be purchased at Sophia Press Institute by clicking here. As mentioned on the show, Vicki also blogs at Pelican's Breast.com.


Art for this post regarding Vicki Burbach's appearance on EWTN Live with Father Mitch Pacwa: video courtesy of EWTN and used with permission. Book cover of How to Read Your Way to Heaven: A Spiritual Reading Program for the Worst of Sinner, the Greatest of Saints, and Everyone in Between used with permission.

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