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Beautiful Mercy

October 25, 2016 by  
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Beautiful Mercy (Week 1 of 5)

You know, I'll be honest: I wouldn't have picked up this book if it wasn't for this book club.

I read a lot of books and I have a big pile of books I want to read (and hope to someday get to). This book would have never made it onto any pile I would have been likely to touch.

And that would have been too bad for me, because once I started reading this book, I couldn't stop!

I knew it would be a quick read, but somehow, I mistakenly thought “quick read = not worth my time.”

Not so, my friends, not so!

Here's a bit about the book from the Amazon product description (because I keep typing things and deleting them, because we'll be talking in more depth later):

Giving and receiving mercy is central to living a life of passion and purpose. Yet, for some reason, most people believe they are either too young or too old, not religious enough, or simply don't have enough time to live a life uncommon.

The perfect companion for the Year of Mercy called for by Pope Francis, the book provides an encounter with the heart of God. By focusing on the 7 Spiritual and 7 Corporal works of mercy, it inspires readers to realize that extraordinary acts of love are possible for anyone no matter where they are in life.

Once again bringing to light the genius of Catholicism, bestselling author Matthew Kelly has enlisted the help of 24 incredible authors who witness to the power of God's mercy, provide simple practical tips on how to be an instrument of that mercy and bring hope to anyone searching for deeper meaning in their life.

This book will touch the core of who you are. In the end, we all need God's mercy. So, no matter where you are, not matter what you have been through, there is not a better time than right now to rediscover the incredible power of God's mercy.

Beautiful Mercy is an invitation to rediscover God's unconditional love so that we can share it with others.

Beautiful Mercy includes contributions from: Pope Francis, Matthew Kelly, Dr. Scott Hahn, Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Cardinal Séan Patrick O Malley, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, Christopher West, Dr. Carolyn Woo, Dr. Allen Hunt, Curtis Martin, Dan Burke, Jennifer Fulwiler, Fr. Mike Schmitz, Sarah Swafford, Lisa Brenninkmeyer, Fr. James Mallon, Msgr. Charles Pope, Sr. Helena Burns, Fr. Michael Gaitley, Fr. Don Calloway, Mother Olga Yaqob, Sr. Marie Veritas, Matt Fradd, Jackie Francois-Angel, Sr. Mary Madeline, Lisa Hendey, Kerry Webber, John Michael Talbot

from the Amazon product description

As we read this book together, I'm looking forward to your thoughts and the discussion that will invariably happen here!

Reading Schedule:

  • Week 1 – 10/25 – Book Announcement, assign Prelude – Surprising Mercy
  • Week 2 – 11/1 – Discuss Prelude – Surprising Mercy, assign Refreshing Mercy – Affirming Mercy
  • Week 3 – 11/8 – Discuss Refreshing Mercy – Affirming Mercy, assign Part II – Being Mercy
  • Week 4 – 11/15 – Discuss Part II – Being Mercy, assign Admonish the Sinner – End
  • Week 5 – 11/22 – Discuss Admonish the Sinner – End, no assignment

Reading Assignment:

Prelude – Surprising Mercy

Discussion Questions:

1. When you think of the phrase “beautiful mercy,” what comes to mind? What expectations do you have for this book?

2. What's your favorite aspect of mercy? What do you most want to learn?

Feel free to comment on anything from our assignment this past week!

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