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Perspective on Meditation

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Finding God Through Meditation (Week 2 of 7)

Perhaps, when you read about this book, you found yourself, as I did, slightly trepidatious. Maybe you wondered just how you would do reading it and whether, in fact, you would find yourself able to put any of the advice to use in your real life.

I find, sometimes, that reading difficult texts is better done in a group where there's a Designated Smart Person. And I find it even better when *I* am not that person.

So I come to you, as we crack open the very text that St. Teresa of Avila used, as the Poor Hack Caught Writing. I feel like I'm in the garage of the mansions (on a good day) and that meditation is something that's probably going to fit better in another season of my life. I suspect that almost ANYONE is better suited to share about this than I am.

Then again, I didn't have to read far to find this in Chapter 1, “Perspective on Meditation”:

It is most certain that the malice of our own heart is the principal cause that hinders us from attaining to our beatitude and everlasting happiness, because it makes us slow to godly actions, dull to virtuous exercises, and suggests a greater difficulty in them than there is, which if it were not, a man might walk without any trouble in the way of virtue, and at length without labor attain to his desired end.

Chapter 1, paragraph 1

In case you were thinking that this book was not right for you, as I clearly was, then…maybe you should think again. 🙂

What keeps me from holiness? What veers me off the path of holiness? What steers me into the ditch, into the brambles, into the pothole?

Me. Myself. I.

I'm hindered by…myself.

There's hope for me, as I sit here at the end of a long day, the house strewn with evidence of small humans and a full life and my list still undone and my brain frazzled. There's hope, because God wants me to attain eternal happiness. God's on MY side. But am *I* on my side?

“Prayer is a bath, an open place, a bed of pleasure wherein the soul rests and finds refreshment in God,” we read a bit later in the chapter. St. Peter calls to mind my children, happily dousing the floor with their splashes from the tub, giggling and delighted.

Is that what prayer is for you? Do you lean into it, soaking in the time you have, however much or little it may be, and letting it give your soul refreshment?

My weary back, my tired eyes, my drooping head…they long for the refreshment of a full night of sleep, with no interruptions or cries.

I'm reminded here, though, that what's more important is my soul and how I'm caring for it. Am I “bathing” it in the “bed of pleasure” that prayer provides?

I'm not the Designated Smart Person by a long shot, but I'm sure glad I got “stuck” writing about this book with you. Here's hoping it leads us both farther along on the path of holiness!

Reading Assignment:

Chapters 2-3

Discussion Questions:

1. What's your greatest challenge when it comes to prayer? What's one small way you can “bathe” in it this week?

2. How are you hindered by yourself as you travel the path of holiness? What prayer might you offer this week to allow God to help you?

Feel free to comment on anything from our assignment this past week!

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