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The Eternal Impact of the Avila Institute


I wanted to share some of the feedback we’ve recently received because it highlights why we are so passionate about the work we do at the Avila Institute.

What we’re aiming for is an eternal impact. Will you help us achieve it?

Gerald Kamalanathan wrote from India:

I sincerely owe so much to the Avila Institute, which has been a great and wonderful door for grace and blessings from the Trinitarian God. [It] has become a fulfillment of the true and relentless longing of my childhood dreams – to know HIM, to love HIM, and to serve HIM. It is never an exaggeration nor fully sufficient or rather overdoing to THANK the Avila Institute for the great service rendered to the faithful in the Catholic Church in this moment of history, encompassing people like me from this part of the world to teach the TRUTH in a more profound and structured way, sharpening our attitudes [and] intellect, being guided more appropriately to the promptings of the Holy Spirit who is manifesting Himself magnificently in our hearts and minds and through the events around giving us the courage, strength, and power to hold onto the values of the Kingdom of God.

The classes are structured and timed so well and convenient for people like us from India.

Gerald alludes to the fact that courses at Avila are live, interactive, and completely online. No matter where you are in the world, you can be part of the classwork.

Sister Mary Emmanuel Dominguez, VHM*, wrote to us that our course helped her, even as she celebrates 40 years in religious life:

Living as a contemplative nun who spends so many hours at prayer, one knows that “praying” is an essential part of our lives. In all humility I must say that I thought I “knew” what prayer was all about after all I have been in religious life for over 40 years! Yet I know that I can always learn something new and so I did find that to be true. This course opened my heart and my mind to a fresh understanding of prayer and how it is formed from basic foundations up to opening oneself to a higher level of relationship with the Lord. I highly recommend this course of study and reflection for anyone who truly wishes to live a life of greater intimacy with the Lord. The lectures and the reading assignments are worth reviewing long after the classes are over. I have truly found this to be a “life-changer” allowing me to share what I have learned with our newest members even as I grow in my relationship with God!

For the rest of us, those who are not priests, religious, or poor lay faithful, the coursework at Avila offers not only the opportunity to interact with others who are struggling to remain on the path to holiness, but also much more. Flavia Saldanha wrote to us after taking a course recently:

Going through this course for the past six weeks has been a precious gift from God; an incredible spiritual journey.

I am so blessed that through the lectures and readings. I have not only been spiritually enriched but my heart has been set on fire with love for my Lord. Drawing closer and closer to God in prayer, being in His presence, the desire to read the Bible, and persevering in prayer irrespective of my circumstances or state of mind. It has renewed my passion and enthusiasm for sharing God's love with others.

I have also realized in this journey that I must always endeavour to make progress towards my Lord in holiness and go forward and never stop. I plan to take more spiritual courses with the Avila Institute in the near future.


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With live, interactive, online courses, the Avila Institute can bring the classroom to you no matter where you are located in the world. Want to know more about what the Avila Institute has to offer you? Read more here.

*VHM: Visitation of Holy Mary, otherwise known as the Visitation Sisters or the Sisters of the Visitation.

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