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Confessions of St Augustine

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The Confessions of St Augustine (Week 1 of 15)

Please join us in reading one of the greatest spiritual works of all time!  Written by a Doctor of the Church who is one of the most intellectual and spiritual  giants in all of history, The Confessions of St Augustine promises to be, not just a fantastic read, but a transformational experience.  The following was found on the back of my copy:

By common consent the work known as the Confessions of St Augustine has a special place among the world's great books.  Autobiographical in character, it is not an attempt to tell the story of all the years of the writer's life, least of all of  the outward events of those years.  But no writer ever went deeper into his own character and deeds, passed keener judgements upon himself, or revealed himself more fully and more humbly to others…His book is not only a most penetrating psychological study and a unique document for understanding the spiritual and ascetical life, but it is also a storehouse of thought for the philosopher and the theologian, and for others as well.  

Because of such things it is not to be wondered that this unique book should immediately have found many readers and that more than 1500 years after its publication it still attracts countless readers and affects them deeply.  It is assuredly a great book, one of the greatest indeed, great in authorship, great in its diverse but unified subject matter, great in the form into which that subject matter has been cast, great in the end for which it was written, and great in the good effects that it has unfailingly produced…To become familiar with St. Augustine's Confessions is to make one's own, to some extent at least, an inexhaustible source of intellectual stimulation, of esthetic delight, of moral help, and of spiritual enlightenment. –– Translator's Introduction

The Confessions of St Augustine is a book I've always wanted to read, so I am really excited that I finally have a reason to wipe the dust from my copy and dig in! (This book has been waiting, unopened, on my shelf for years.) Saint Monica is one of my closest confidants, so I'm anxious to finally meet her son! I have no doubt this will be a great spiritual adventure.

Below is our prospective reading schedule:


5/26  Week One: Book One: Childhood

6/2    Week Two: Book Two – Book Three

6/9    Week Three: Book Four

6/16   Week Four: Book Five

6/23  Week Five: Book Six

6/30  Week Six: Book Seven

7/7     Week Seven: Book Eight

7/14   Week Eight: Book Nine

7/21   Week Nine: Book Ten: Ch. 1-22

7/28  Week Ten: Book 10: Ch. 23-43

8/4    Week Eleven: Book Eleven

8/11   Week Twelve: Book Twelve

8/18  Week Thirteen:  Book 13: Ch. 1-20

8/25  Week Fourteen:  Book 13: Ch. 21-38

9/1     Week Fifteen:  No Assignment


We look forward to a stimulating few months! Please make sure to pick up your copy soon and join us for next week's discussion!


Reading Assignment:


Book One: Childhood


Discussion Questions:


1. Have you read The Confessions of Saint Augustine, or have you seen the movie?  If so, is there anything you would like to share about your experience with this saint?

2. As a mother, I often pray to Saint Monica.  Do you have any experience with her?  If so, what kind of impression does that experience leave regarding her son, if any?


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