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Revolutionize your Prayer Life

October 7, 2014 by  
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Dear Friends, 

Our founder, Dan Burke, has developed a course on prayer and authentic mystical tradition that continues to change lives and draw the hearts of his students more deeply into union with God. Students regularly report that this course has dramatically elevated their understanding and practice of prayer. It can, in fact, revolutionize your prayer life! The Course is called Foundations of Prayer and Union with God. Here is a brief video testimonial from one of his recent students:

In this six week course we will explore:

  • What prayer in the Catholic tradition is and is not.
  • Overcoming barriers to growth in prayer.
  • Avoiding the trap of popular false teachings on prayer.
  • Preparing your heart for deeper prayer.
  • Where you are in the the development of prayer.
  • The three ways of the interior life and how they apply to your spiritual journey (purgative, illuminative, and unitive).
  • Aridity or dryness in prayer and how can we understand and deal with it.
  • The dark night of the soul and how does it impact our prayer lives and spiritual growth.
  • The difference is between ascetical and mystical prayer
  • What contemplation is in authentic Catholic teaching.
  • What meditation is in authentic Catholic teaching.

There are also a number of different courses on the spiritual life available this Winter if you have already take this one. All of our courses are suited for the laity, priests, and religious.

To learn more or to register for this or other upcoming course(s), email us at

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