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Armed and Ready (Or Maybe Not)

August 12, 2014 by  
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The King of the Golden City (Week 3 of 5)

I must tell you that the equipment that the King's soldiers received on the day of their enrollment in his army, though quite real, was not seen by others, or even by themselves. Dilecta did not see her own, though she often felt it. She knew it belonged to her, and she was almost eager for Malignus and those who helped him in his work to come along that she might try her new strength with them. It needed the reminder of her Prince Guardian that Prudence and Distrust of Self were part of her outfit, that shield and breastplate had to be used, and her helmet kept ready for any danger, to prevent her from being rash.

Chapter 9, Paragraph 1


So often, I think I can “take” the Bad Guys, and then I'm reminded of just how far I have to go.

I don't even really need to look much farther than how often I confess the same old things over and over and over for evidence of this.

When will I learn?

Just like the King's subjects, I too avoid the good he so willingly provides for me. I sleep in instead of making that holy hour. I start working instead of starting the Liturgy of the Hours. I miss daily Mass when the opportunity falls in my lap.

This week's chapters made me laugh. I'm not usually a big fan of allegory, but this one is hitting me close to home. (And maybe I'll read it aloud to my kids when I'm finished.)

I'm not so different from Dilecta. I too want a change–I'd like my Self to hit the road or start behaving. The reminder that I'm the one in control of that? Well then. Point taken. I'm excited about the gear for battle, but once I'm in battle, I find myself not quite as ready as I should be. The reminder that my daily bread and my closeness to God aren't optional is well fitted to where I am right now.

I also appreciate the ongoing emphasis on what a loving King we have. He's not waiting for us to fail. He's not rooting for us to fall. He's not even expecting us to do badly. No, we have a King who's our Number One Fan in a way that only our Creator can be. We have a King who loves us more intimately than we can grasp, who appreciates our free will so much that he'll let us knock ourselves out with it, and who designed us to long for him, even when we don't think we do.

Reading Assignment:

Chapters 10-14

Discussion Questions:

1. How can a well-trained conscience help us as we journey through life?

2. God provides for all our needs. What are the main reasons that you commit sin? How can you apply this knowledge to ensure victory in the fight?

Feel free to comment on anything from our assignment this past week!

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