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The Sinner’s Guide by Ven Louis of Granada

April 8, 2014 by  
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The Sinner's Guide (Week 1 of 16)

Today, five weeks into Lent, we continue the process of purifying our souls and turning our hearts and minds back to God, that we may better enjoy the springtime of Easter in the coming season.  I've no doubt The Sinner's Guide will prove an essential resource during this time.  Yes, we'll continue our exploration of The Sinner's Guide throughout the Easter season as well, but from what I understand, it will be well-worth it.

I had seen this book recommended in several places; but my desire to read it really hit home when I heard a young lady on Catholic radio speaking about how she managed to remain true to her Faith throughout her college years at a secular university, despite many temptations to lead a more carefree lifestyle.  She attributed her perseverance to the fact that her father had read The Sinner's Guide with her when she was sixteen years old, and she never forgot it.  (All I can say is “Hallelujah!” for Dads like that!!)

The content of this treasure should make for excellent discernment and discussion!  The following was taken from the back of the book:

Venerable Louis of Granada was the favorite spiritual writer of St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, St. Fancis de Sales, St. Charles Borromeo, St. Vincent de Paul and St. Rose of Lima; and The Sinner's Guide (along with The Book of Prayer and Meditation) is one of his two most famous and most popular books.  In fact, the great St. Teresa of Avila credited The Sinner's Guide with having converted over a million souls in her own time!

“We are all destined to one or the other,” says Ven. Louis, “either to reign eternally with God in Heaven or to burn eternally with the devils in Hell.”  This inescapable fact is vividly brought to life on every page of this masterfully written book.  Utterly realistic with regard to the ultimate end of human life, Venerable Louis of Granada presents here the Four Last Things: Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell – even rehearsing with the reader the day of his death and the moment of his judgement.  His description of the despair in Hell will shake loose any desire, by even the most hardened sinner, to persevere in sin.  Man's classic excuses, such as planning to convert later and the difficulty of practicing virtue, are thoroughly demolished.  Moreover, Ven. Louis shows how the sinner's life, because of his gnawing conscience, is a continual torment to him even while still on this earth.  Whereas, the practice of virtue brings the wonderful promise of Heaven, plus the beautiful joy of a clear conscience, and the many other marvelous advantages of holiness – even here in this life!

The Sinner's Guide is a book of crystal clarity which cuts through the religious fog so prevalent today.  It strips away the glamour of sin, fortifying the soul for the resolute practice of the Christian virtues – those true riches which alone will accompany him beyond the grave.  For mastery of subject, for command of Scripture, and for total impact upon the mind and heart of the reader, there is no book which surpasses The Sinner's Guide.

At 395 pages, we'll be taking our time with this book.  I've scheduled 15 weeks, so the assignments shouldn't be too taxing.  Below is the prospective reading schedule:

Week 1   Ch. 1-3

Week 2  Ch. 4-6

Week 3   Ch. 7-9

Week 4  Ch. 10-12

Week 5  Ch. 13-16

Week 6  Ch. 17-19

Week 7  Ch. 20-23

Week 8   Ch. 24-25

Week 9   Ch. 26-27

Week 10  Ch. 28-29

Week 11    Ch. 30-33

Week 12   Ch. 34-38

Week 13   Ch. 39-40

Week 14   Ch. 41-44

Week 15   Ch. 45-48

Week 16  Conclusion

We look forward to exploring with you the issues that get to the very heart of our Faith!  Please be sure to share your thoughts in the Comment Box!

Happy Reading!!!


Reading Assignment:

Week One – Ch. 1-3


Discussion Questions:

1. Have you read The Sinner's Guide?  If so, please share your reaction, or anything we should keep in mind as we read.

2. If you haven't read the book, what do you think of the description above?  Any initial thoughts before we get started?
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