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Broken? Stanza X – Part I

August 9, 2013 by  
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Your call Dear Lord, is to something better,
where peace and love and grace abound.
The soul united with its Master,
this is where true joy is found.

pieta4I’ve lived most of my life in ignorance of what words like this really mean. The examples I saw and the teaching I received said that we live our lives on earth, with all the included suffering and drudgery, in the hope that we will be rewarded by making it to heaven when we die. It was only then, in heaven, that we would be able to experience and understand what words like these, and most of what is contained in the Bible, really mean.

Not true.

There have been countless examples and surprises in my life as the Lord teaches me that these words are true….and entirely possible in this life. We also have Jesus’ promise of this in the Bible; numerous saints have experienced it for themselves and have written about it for our benefit. As the reality and truth of this message sink in, along with the joy of knowing the Lord, I have found myself saddened that it took so long for me to learn this. Not only that, but that most of the people I know still have no clue about what they are missing! Why has the Church not done a better job of teaching us?

The time wasn’t right; and God’s timing is perfect!

Blessed John Paul II spoke of the ‘New Springtime’ of the Church and I think we are seeing signs of this sprouting up like flowers all around us…if we have the eyes to see. Yet many are spiritually blind; we don’t realize that we have internal, spiritual eyes, ‘the eyes of the soul’, to help us navigate through the spiritual life, just as we have physical eyes to help us navigate through the physical life. We live in a physical world and are confronted with the sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste of it each and every day, yet Jesus tells us that we do not ‘belong’ to the world. What does that mean?

The dictionary defines the word ‘belong’ as ‘to be in the right place’. As the whole point of Jesus’ becoming man was to redeem us and show us what we need to do to reach heaven, it becomes apparent that ‘the right place’ for us is heaven; our final goal and home. Our life here is temporary, and because we are human beings who learn through our senses, it is difficult for us to shut out the physical world and immerse ourselves in the spiritual realm, but we must try. We have a soul that will live forever, and we need to take care of it.

I mentioned previously that one of the more memorable points in my conversion was reading ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’ by St. John of the Cross. It was an online version and I remember sitting at my computer with tears streaming down my face as I realized that I did have a soul. This was my first encounter with language that spoke of the soul as being something alive and active, and that God speaks to it, and draws it to Himself. Wow! There IS more to life than what meets the eye!!

Shortly after learning this, I discovered the Disciples of Jesus and Mary (DJM), faith formation, which provided the tools I needed in order to understand what God was saying. He was speaking to me, I knew that; but I didn’t know why, or what I was supposed to do about it. One of the first things we do as DJM is to develop, through prayer and the help of the Holy Spirit, our own personal ‘Plan of Life,’ by going back through our life experiences and sorting them according to a sort of theme that the Lord gives us. This shows us what we are called to ‘be’, and helps us learn how we are to live out our Plan of Life. It is the most beautiful and fruitful thing I have ever done. I know now why God put me here, and each day I grow more content and at peace with a way of living that I would not have previously thought of as being productive.

In learning to use my spiritual eyes, a whole new world has opened up to me. The scriptures come alive, I look forward to attending, and participating in, the holy Mass. Not only that, but the physical world has taken on new beauty as I see signs of God everywhere. The soul knows……and my soul was not happy living the quasi-Catholic life I had been. It knew that only with God would I be truly happy, and it longed to be united again with its creator. I was given the grace to notice and pay attention to that longing, and it has led me to a place where I have found true and lasting peace, the Peace of Christ that He offers freely to everyone.

Blessed be God forever!!

Love & Prayers,


This post is part of a series. The introduction and other articles from the series can be found here once they have been published.

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About Becky Ward

Becky is a wife, mother of four (One in heaven), grandmother of five, and a "re-formed Catholic" who, after receiving the gift of a deep conversion in 2006, and working through the Disciples of Jesus and Mary faith formation program, now considers herself to be "fully Catholic" What this means is that she now, at last, understands and appreciates the beauty of the Catholic faith in such a way that she wants to share it with everyone. "I've heard that the Blessed Mother told a visionary, 'If Catholics really lived their faith, the whole world would be Catholic.' I see the truth in this, and it is my deepest hope to be a living example that draws others to Jesus. Given the nickname Rebel-Becca by her mother, Becky strongly identifies with St. John the Baptist and his call to "make straight the path of the Lord", and with his role as "Friend of the Bridegroom". The poem, "Broken?" written through her hand, is a reflection of the journey of the soul, and Becky explains what the Holy Spirit is teaching her as she writes posts for each stanza.

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