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33 Days to Morning Glory Wk 7 of 7

June 4, 2013 by  
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33 Days to Morning Glory Week 7 of 7

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After the Consecration…

Because of the greatness of this gift, we should strive all the more to unite ourselves with Mary and aim to do everything through her, with her, and in her. At least out of gratitude, we should make it our aim to have an attitude of growing the-good-portion-picturemindfulness of and dependence on her. Yet there should be more at work here than just trying to be grateful to Mary. For the more we belong to her, the more she can use us to accomplish God’s most perfect will. Indeed, the more the more we unite ourselves to Mary the more she can bring us into the deepest possible intimacy with Jesus. This is a mystery that she herself will teach us, a lesson we’ll learn more from the experience of her loving care than from studying it in books. – 33 Days to Morning Glory, p. 129 (Last paragraph of AFTER CONSECRATION: Attitude)

I promised to keep it short and sweet this week, so we have plenty of time and space to “chat” about our consecration. I guess that means I shouldn’t go into a long diatribe about how the Evil One tried to come between Mary and Me on the Feast of the Visitation. How I woke before dawn with little children crawling on my bed, begging for my attention and ran all day between family and outside obligations (Fridays tend to be busy). And I won’t bore you with the details of racing through my crazy day, searching frantically for small crevices of uninterrupted time wherein I could make my consecration.

I had the “best-laid” plan.  I would light a fragrant candle, sit prayerfully in my armchair and contemplate the past 33 days.  After much silence and reflection – at least an hour – I would take a deep breath and calmly say the prayer of consecration while resting in a perfectly meditative state – completely enveloped in the moment.

Well, we all know what happens to the best-laid plans…why don’t I just jump to the moment when I collapsed (exhausted) into bed, only to leap back out as soon as I closed my eyes because by God’s grace it occurred to me that I’d not yet made my consecration! As I knelt by my bed, I glanced at the clock, devastated to realize that it was now 12:10am, the day AFTER the Feast of the Visitation.

For a moment, I thought I’d missed my chance. It occurred to me that now I had to re-read the book over the next 33 days, so I could do this “right.” Thankfully, I regained some semblance of common sense, rationalizing that I could just wait until next week and make my consecration on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart. But I pushed that thought away, too, telling myself, in all humility, that Mary probably wouldn’t hold a grudge over 10 minutes.  Try as I might, I couldn’t imagine her saying, “No, Vicki. This will not do. Get it right, or forget about it.” That sounded a lot more like something I would say.

So I began with all my apologies and guilt-ridden excuses. Then I slowed down…calmed down…and gave Mary everything.

Thus far, all is well.  Since Friday-ish/Saturday, I'm often reminded of Mary's presence.  Guiding me through hectic moments as well as the not-so-hectic ones.  Looking back, the circumstances of my consecration don’t seem to matter much now. Life feels different. More complete. Mary is Here.

As a gesture of love and gratitude (and perhaps a tad bit of perfectionism), I still plan to find a candle and a quiet moment to do this again (the RIGHT way) on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart. But for now – it’s all good. What about you?

For Discussion:

Share, share, share!!!!  What do you think?  If you haven't made a consecration before, how did it go?  Was it what you expected?  Has anything changed for you?  If you were concerned before we started, are you comfortable now?  If you've made a consecration before, how did this compare – both with respect to the preparation and the prayers?

Reading Assignment:  NONE – Next week, we begin The Screwtape Letters!

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