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Journal of a Soul Wk 12 of 12 Pt 2 of 2

November 28, 2012 by  
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Journal of a Soul

Editor's Note: Part One of Week 12 of 12 can be found HERE.

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Final Words…

We have reached the end of the Journey. And what an amazing journey it’s been! To have insight into the soul of such a beautiful human being is a gift like no other. For once, the question, without being asked, was actually answered. How can I become a saint?

Step by step, day by day, we saw an incredible transformation through this Journal of a Soul. We witnessed the difficulties, the missteps, the perseverance, the progress, and ultimately, the victory over various challenges faced through the course of 60+ years. In finishing this book, I am left with a profound sense of trust in our Lord, who promises to guide me gently and patiently to Him, and I’m full of hope in the glory of heaven to come. Could one ask more of a book? I think not.

There were so many topics covered by Pope John XXIII. We could not possibly have discussed them all in twelve weeks. Please feel free to comment on anything that moved you.

We’ve selected our next book precisely because it had such a profound influence on the spiritual life of Pope John XXIII:

The Imitation of Christ, by Thomas à Kempis.

I will be reading the Vintage Classics Edition, but I know there are many versions available. I believe the chapters line up among various editions, so it should be quite easy to follow along regardless of which edition you use (I base that assumption on the fact that I own two very different versions, and the chapters line up just fine.).

The first reading assignment will be posted next week, in order to allow you time to acquire the book. I hope you’ll join us in meditating our way through one of the most read spiritual works of all time, surpassed only by the Bible itself.

Discussion Questions:

1. Open forum – comment on any of your reading over the past twelve weeks, or on the book as a whole.


Reading Assignment:


Check in next week to learn of our first assignment!


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Vicki Burbach is a wife and homeschooling mother of six children ages four to sixteen years who relishes the calm inspiration of spiritual reading amidst the roller coaster of life. A passionate convert to the Faith, Vicki is an avid reader who started the book club so she could embark with like-minded bibliophiles on a spiritual journey through some of the greatest Catholic books ever written. She is author of the new book How to Read Your Way to Heaven - A Spiritual Reading Program for the Worst of Sinners, the Greatest of Saints, and Everyone in Between. You can also find her at

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