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Journal of a Soul Wk 9 of 12

November 6, 2012 by  
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Prayer and Fasting on Election Day

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Journal of a Soul Week 9

No matter how much events seem to be working against the good of the Church I must preserve a perfect tranquility, which however will not dispense me from grieving and from imploring that ‘thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven’.

I must beware of the audacity of those who, with unseeing minds led astray by secret pride, presume to do good without having been called to do so by God speaking through his Church, as if the divine Redeemer had any need of their worthless co-operation, or indeed of any man’s.

What is important is to co-operate with God for the salvation of souls and of the whole world. – Journal of a Soul, p. 310

For people of faith, elections are often exciting but tense times. As the cycle draws to a close and the campaigns wrap up their closing arguments, the weight in the chest of the faithful becomes heavy with anticipation, and all the build-up and noise slows down to a dull roar, serving as a backdrop for commentators who make their final predictions.  There comes a moment, perhaps as we cast our vote on election day, when both candidates and the electorate realize that, having done all they can do, the results ultimately rest in God’s hands.

I have no doubt that Americans who subscribe to this blog are well aware of what’s at stake in this election. I ask that those of you around the world join us on our last leg of prayer and fasting. My pastor’s advice to us today called to mind the above passage: “Let us pray for whatever result will save the most souls, inspire the Church and lead to great conversions. Of course, humanly speaking, we desire an end to the bloodshed and assaults upon life, matrimony and our Catholic Faith and should ask for that specifically.”


In deference to Election Day, my post today is intentionally brief. Hopefully, in addition to voting, you’ll be able to spend some time before the Blessed Sacrament, uniting your hearts and minds to the Faithful around the world, who desire that God’s will be done.

Discussion Questions:

1.  Please comment on Pope John XXIII's words with respect to the election.  Will they cause you to approach this election (or any election) differently?  If so, how?

2. Open forum – comment on any of the reading for this past week.


Reading Assignment:

Week 10: Spiritual Testament – End of Devout Considerations (p. 341-373)

Happy Reading!


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Vicki Burbach is a wife and homeschooling mother of six children ages four to sixteen years who relishes the calm inspiration of spiritual reading amidst the roller coaster of life. A passionate convert to the Faith, Vicki is an avid reader who started the book club so she could embark with like-minded bibliophiles on a spiritual journey through some of the greatest Catholic books ever written. She is author of the new book How to Read Your Way to Heaven - A Spiritual Reading Program for the Worst of Sinners, the Greatest of Saints, and Everyone in Between. You can also find her at

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