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Abandonment VI – The Limited Use of Intelligence

April 30, 2009 by  
Filed under Dan Burke, Detachment, Meditations

The mind with all its powers would like to hold first place among all the instruments employed by God, but it must, like a dangerous slave, be reduced to the lowest place. It might be of great service if made use of in a right manner, but it can do much injury if it is not kept in subjection. When the soul longs for outward supports, grace whispers to the heart that God's invisible work is enough. When the soul wishes to forego... Read More

Prayer of St. Augustine on Aridity

“Lord, my God, You who are holy, look and see my affliction! Have pity on the child whom You have engendered in sorrow and do not consider my sins, lest you forget Your power over them. What father will not liberate his son? And what son has not been chastised by his father's compassionate rod? O Father and Lord, although I am a sinner, I am nonetheless Your child, because You have created and recreated me. Can a mother forget... Read More

Seeking Spiritual Direction – Book Recommendation

Spiritual Directors

Seeking Spiritual Direction – How to Grow the Divine Life Within By Father Thomas Dubay, S.M. Seeking Spiritual Direction: How to Grow the Divine Life Within, by Father Thomas Dubay, has been written as a practical guide for Christians who are considering spiritual direction or who are already engaged in the process. Father Dubay is a Marist priest and a well-known retreat master and expert in the spiritual life, who has... Read More