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Avila Institute School of Spiritual Formation – Winter Session


School of Spiritual Formation Winter Session Many people are not aware that the Avila Foundation, parent organization of spiritualdirection.com, is also home to Divine Intimacy Radio and the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation. Since 2013, the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation has been instructing the faithful across the world in spiritual theology. The great thing about the School of Spiritual Formation is that it... Read More

Graduate Program in Spiritual Theology


Graduate Program in Spiritual Theology Are you looking for an opportunity to dive into the mystical tradition of the Church at the graduate level? Do you want to equip yourself to better understand the spiritual life in order to teach it to others? If so, the Avila Institute Graduate Program in Spiritual Theology could be right for you! Avila Institute Graduate Program   The online Graduate Program in Spiritual Theology... Read More

Families from Around the World

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Saint John Paul II and Saint Gianna have been chosen as the two worthy Patron Saints to guide all in preparation and participation of this international event as they fully embody the history, mission and theme of the World Meeting of Families 2015. – Archbishop Charles J. Chaput Dear Friends, Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the work we do through the Avila Foundation to draw Christians worldwide into deeper union with... Read More

Spiritual Direction Process and Index of Posts


Spiritual Direction Process and Index of Posts Finding, Selecting, and Initiating a Spiritual Direction Relationship How do I find and select a spiritual director? How do I determine if a spiritual director is faithful to the Church? Finding a spiritual director – watch out for confused sheep Faithful priests are too busy… what do I do? How can I find a spiritual director? Concern about seeking out and approaching a spiritual... Read More

Are you struggling with your prayer life?

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Prayer Life: Are you Struggling with it? “…Prayer is a surge of the heart; it is a simple look turned toward heaven, it is a cry of recognition and of love….” (St. Thérèse of Lisieux)  It is with great enthusiasm that we announce a new endeavor to help God’s faithful to find the path that the Lord has prepared to a life changing relationship with Him, the School of Spiritual Formation. Dan Burke, Founder... Read More

Can I Trust the Mercy Center Spiritual Direction Training Program?

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Can I Trust the Mercy Center Spiritual Direction Training Program? Dear Dan, I was searching for your spiritual direction training programs in my area and noticed an advertisement for the Mercy Center in Colorado Springs. Have you had a chance to evaluate them? Do you recommend them? Dear friend, the answer is yes I have had a chance to evaluate their program and another one in the area provided by Benet Hill Monastery and Retreat... Read More

School of Spiritual Formation

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Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction was formed in 2009 to disseminate faithful Catholic spirituality and to encourage and help anyone who has questions about our faith by answering those questions. We continue to add new bloggers, formed a book club, hold webinars, and formed the Avila Institute to fulfill this mission. And, we continue to develop new ways to help illumine the path to Heaven that God has prepared for you. It is... Read More

Online Spiritual Formation Program – FAQ – The Avila Institute

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Online Spiritual Formation Program – FAQ – The Avila Institute We were overwhelmed and delighted with the incredible response to our new online spiritual theology program. This really is a dream for us and many have expressed the same is true for them! If you missed the announcement you can find more information HERE. We were delighted to be deluged with questions and applications. In order to help better explain what... Read More

Top ten reading list for spiritual directors (Updated – 2013)

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Dan, now that you mention technical books on spiritual theology… I’m wondering what would be your top 10 list of books in that area. I’m especially interested in books that would be helpful for a priest that would like to engage more seriously in spiritual direction, or books that you would recommend to a seminarian or for a seminary course in the area of spiritual direction. I would appreciate your input. Dear... Read More

Spiritual Direction On the Rise

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Picture this: A person, young or old, is practicing the faith yet naturally wants to grow in his or her relationship with Jesus and become closer to God. Can the faithful – or should they – turn somewhere for guidance? They can. After all, didn’t Jesus send the disciples out two by two? Saints like Catherine of Siena have said something in our nature necessitates external support for our development. She taught that God designed... Read More

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