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Reparation — Divine Intimacy Meditation

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Reparation   Presence of God – Heart of Jesus, wounded for love of us, make me worthy to make reparation for all the wounds our sins have inflicted upon You. MEDITATION We find in the hymn for First Vespers of the Feast of the Sacred Heart [which we celebrated last Friday] the following words: “Lo, the proud, insolent procession of our offenses has wounded the innocent Heart of God.” And even more realistically it continues:... Read More

Reparation – Navigating the Interior Life Spiritual Dictionary


Reparation Navigating the Interior Life Spiritual Dictionary Reparation – The act or fact of making amends. It implies an attempt to restore things to their normal or sound conditions, as they were before something wrong was done. It applies mainly to recompense for the losses sustained or the harm caused by some morally bad action. With respect to God, it means making up, with greater love, for the failure in love through... Read More

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