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Discovery Prayer – DI Radio Show and Podcast

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Description: Dan and Melissa reiterate the importance of prayer commitments, deepening the life of prayer, and the critical role of discovery prayer (Lectio Divina) in this process. Topics/Questions covered in the show: Why is practicing mental prayer important? What is the purpose of a prayer commitment? The first step of discovery prayer is reading a short passage of Scripture or spiritual reading. How is reading during discovery... Read More

Introducing Discovery Prayer – DI Radio Show and Podcast

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Introducing Discovery Prayer   Description: This week Dan and Melissa provide the layout for a successful experience in prayer by introducing discovery prayer (Lectio Divina). Topics/Questions covered in the show: The spiritual Doctors of the Church describe mental prayer as being essential to a successful prayer life. By praying discovery prayer with the Gospels, one will encounter Christ, who transforms the soul. Discovery... Read More

Preparing Our Hearts for the Coming King – Advent Preparation

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I don’t know about you, but I have allowed far too many an Advent season to pass me by with far too little devotion. For decades St. Joseph knocked at my door, offering the opportunity to allow the Messiah to be born anew in my heart. I am sad to say that prior to this past decade of my life as a Catholic, there was far too little room at the Inn of my heart. I am also grateful to say that since becoming Catholic, the room for... Read More

Lectio Divina, A Guide: What it is & How It helps Prayer Life


Dear Dan, can you help me understand Lectio Divina and whether or not I should use it to help me improve my prayer life? I am struggling right now and feel like I need a change but I don’t know what will help. Any Christian seeking to deepen their relationship with Christ will no doubt be blessed through this time tested monastic prayer method. Many of you who use The Better Part to pray will discover that Lectio Divina is one... Read More

Lectio Divina & Teresian Prayer – Recommended Book

November 5, 2009 by  
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Lectio Divina and the Practice of Teresian Prayer I don’t ever recall reading a book, looking at the price tag, and then thinking to myself that I would have been happy if I had paid double the price. This book is one of a kind in that sense. With respect to the content, if you are extremely busy but have a strong desire to deepen your prayer life, this simple 26 page booklet is the best single investment you could make. So,... Read More

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