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Dodging the Widowmaker

September 8, 2014 by  
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Angel_of_Death_Victorious Feature Graphic

Heart Surgery: Dodging the Widowmaker A number of months ago my spiritual director insisted, under obedience, that I get back into an exercise habit. In her wisdom, I suspect, she knew that I would never skip my Liturgy of the Hours routine so she asked me to do this portion of my prayer while on the elliptical machine ensuring I also made physical exercise a daily habit. I reluctantly obeyed and have been faithful to the Holy... Read More

Helping Others To Heaven

October 19, 2013 by  
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The holy priest Fr. Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalen once wrote that “There are two great attractions in a soul which has given itself seriously to God: the attraction to solitary silent prayer… and the attraction to active generous sacrifice for the salvation of souls. Does your soul yearn to help others know the great love you know? Do you read the posts here on this site or the content of spiritual books and burn with... Read More

Finding God in Nashville

January 24, 2013 by  
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Finding God in Nashville   Countless souls have been blessed and encouraged to heaven by the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia (also known as the “Nashville Dominicans”). Several weeks ago, I had the profound honor of briefly joining them in their mission by providing a number of talks and question and answer sessions on the spiritual life for the parents of Overbrook, their elementary school. My first talk... Read More

Thank You for 2012

January 19, 2013 by  
Filed under Dan Burke, General

Dear Friends: As usual, I am finding myself unable to reach out and personally thank as many of you as I would like to and I am feeling more and more ungrateful as every day passes in to the New Year. So, though in a far less inadequate fashion than I would prefer, this is my “Thank You for 2012″. Many of you pray, volunteer, tell others about us, and financially support this work. For this we are truly grateful. Here’s... Read More

The Fun is Here

July 31, 2012 by  
Filed under General, Marta Goodwin

Dear Friends: You probably have noticed that our Give a Gift Subscription button is glowing red. What this means is that in celebration of our passing over the 10,000 subscriber mark and for all the blessings the Lord has provided through this apostolate, we have decided to have a bit of fun. The fun is that we are giving away prizes to the winners (because of a two generous donors who want to help us spread the word). How can... Read More

CSD Around the World Update – June 2012

June 14, 2012 by  
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CSD Around the World Update – June 2012

Dear Friends, as usual, the Lord has surprised me again with your response to the book club. As of this post, we have had more than 400 people sign up from all over the world! Here’s one of the many notes we received, this one is from the Daughters of the Sacred Heart in Malta: Hallo, This is Sr Ann, I live in Malta, I would like to thank you and congratulate you for the wonderful Job you are doing. I appreciate and benefit... Read More

House on fire!

June 5, 2012 by  
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House on Fire! I was just sitting at my desk and heard a sudden slam and then a roaring rotary sound coming from the ceiling above me like a vacuum cleaner pressed on a hard wooden floor. Then came a rush of billowing smoke from the air conditioner vents above my head. My son was above me! My heart was pounding as I ran up to the third floor to check on Jordan… not home. Then I ran to be sure no one else was home. Then, standing... Read More

Shameless self-promotion or spreading the Gospel of Christ?

March 15, 2012 by  
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Shameless self-promotion or spreading the Gospel of Christ?

Shameless Self-Promotion … or Spreading the Gospel of Christ   Dear Friends, Several of you continue to prod me to let everyone know about the final days of voting for the Best Catholic Blog on So, here it is – there are only a few days left and we are in second place (to a very good site no doubt). Why vote? Is this just self-promotion gone awry? Well, actually, no. The goal of this site is and always... Read More

We need your vote for best Catholic Blog!

March 2, 2012 by  
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Vote for Best Catholic Blog:  We need your vote daily! Dear Friends, Vote for Best Catholic Blog Our site, is an exciting spiritual place to be.  We are helping many people. And, we are honored to be included in the voting for best Catholic blog. Here’s a Reminder: Everyone can vote daily, so – PLEASE VOTE DAILY for us. We Were Making Progress But Have Not Gained Any More Ground For a Few Days... Read More

Best Catholic Blog Finalist for 2012 — Please Vote for Us!

February 23, 2012 by  
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Best Catholic Blog Finalist! Best Catholic Blog Finalist Please Vote for Us! Please Vote for us! Dear Friends – we have the great honor of being nominated for this award on and we are a finalist in the competition, by the grace of God. We would be grateful if you would cast your vote for us! Also, as you vote, please also share this post on Facebook, you will help us spread the word! Thank you for your help! Seek... Read More

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