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Living God’s Mercy – Mercy Mission (Part III of III)


Living God’s Mercy Mercy Mission (Part III of III) Today, we bring you part III of the “Mercy Mission” which Father Michael Najim preached just prior to Holy Week.  In part one, he spoke of understanding God’s mercy. Part two dealt with experiencing God’s mercy.  And today, Father will focus on living God’s mercy and giving it to others. Part three of this “Mercy... Read More

Receiving God’s Mercy – Mercy Mission (Part II of III)


Receiving God’s Mercy Mercy Mission (Part II of III) Today, we bring you part two of the “Mercy Mission” Father Michael Najim preached before Holy Week, which focuses on receiving and experiencing God’s mercy. As a bonus, a beautiful Ignatian-style guided meditation is included as part of this talk as well. In part one, Father Najim reflected on What is Mercy? For part two... Read More

What is Mercy? – Mercy Mission (Part I of III)

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What is Mercy? Mercy Mission (Part I of III) Father Michael Najim preached this “Mercy Mission” in March prior to Holy Week over the course of three days.  And, he has graciously shared it with us in order that we might share it with you. Today, we will bring you the first part of the “Mercy Mission”.  It will be followed in the next two days with part two and part three. For... Read More

Divine Mercy Sunday — Sunday After Easter

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DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY Divine Mercy “Jesus, I trust in You”  Divine Mercy Sunday: The Divine Mercy Message   Jesus, I Trust in You! On Divine Mercy Sunday, the message of the Divine Mercy is that God loves all of us. His mercy is greater than our sins, greater than any of them! Understanding and recognizing this, we are to trust Him and call upon Him with trust, receive His mercy, and... Read More

Video Update from Dan Burke Sept 22nd

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Video Update from Dan Burke Video Update from Dan Dear Friends, Video Update from Dan Burke Dan has provided a 2 minute video update for you: to express his thanks and to keep you up to date on his health and progress on it, his hospitalization, and the initiative to update our technology and invest in hiring so as to serve you better.  He talks about the numbers of subscribers and some of the countries... Read More

How to Forgive


How to Forgive How to forgive: a frequent issue for many people! Given Christ’s injunction that we are to forgive, while it can be easy to give advice, it can be a difficult thing to carry out and implement.  Father Michael Najim helps us get some perspective on why people hurt us, where it comes from, the pain involved.  Then, he shares advice he gives people. + Editor’s Note: Tomorrow... Read More

Spiritual Life, Spiritual Direction, and God in You – Part 1 of 5

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Spiritual Life, Spiritual Direction, and God in You — Part 1 of 5 Spiritual Life talk with Dan Burke Dan Burke had the pleasure of talking with EWTN’s Johnnette Benkovic on her show, Women of Grace.  During the show, they spoke about the spiritual life and his award winning book, “Navigating the Interior Life.” Dan is also the founder of Catholic Spiritual Direction. In... Read More

Inspiration from Scripture

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Inspiration from Scripture Inspiration from Scripture: Father Michael Najim uses an example from his life on how music inspired him, in order to apply the example as a spiritual lesson.  He explains how we are often going through the day with negative thoughts, having problems or experiencing difficulties, which can sometimes hold us back and weigh us down.  We need to understand what kinds of things... Read More

Video – How can I forgive?

February 25, 2013 by  
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How Can I Forgive? Fr. John Bartunek and Dan Burke discuss forgiveness, and ways that we can overcome the challenges we face when wounded by others. Father John and Dan discuss issues associated with the struggle to forgive and how central it is to the gospel of Jesus Christ, especially in the prayer Jesus taught us in the Our Father.  Is forgiveness the face of love in a fallen world? What does... Read More

What is the point of Eucharistic adoration?

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Why Eucharistic Adoration? Father John Bartunek and Dan Burke talk about the importance of Eucharistic adoration. Father John and Dan Burke discuss how this adoration is a form of prayer, of adoration, that focuses on the Eucharist, the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, the sacrament Jesus established (see John 6).  The Eucharist is reserved in the tabernacle of a church or chapel, his tangible... Read More

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