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Chaplet of Our Lady of Sorrows (The Seven Dolors Chaplet)

September 15, 2014 by  
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Chaplet of Our Lady of Sorrows The Seven Dolors Chaplet This devotion began in the 13th century.  It honors the Sorrows the Virgin Mother of God endured in compassion for the suffering and death of her Divine Son.  The Seven Sorrows Chaplet, also known as the Seven Dolors Chaplet) consists of seven Hail Marys for each of the seven Sorrows.  One Our Father is said before each group of seven Hail... Read More

The Seven Sorrows of Mary

The Seven Sorrows of Mary Presence of God – Permit me, O Mary, to remain near the Cross, that I may share with you in the Passion of Jesus. MEDITATION We find in Simeon’s prophecy the first explicit announcement of the part the Blessed Virgin was to have in the Passion of Jesus: “Thy own soul a sword shall pierce” (Lk 2:35). This prophecy was fulfilled on Calvary. “Yes, O Blessed Mother,”... Read More

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