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Can I be friends with my spiritual director?

January 9, 2013 by  
Filed under Spiritual Direction

Dear Dan, I just read your post on spiritual friendship. I will be going for spiritual direction soon. I have some concerns. From what I’ve been reading, and what I have been feeling (fear, anxiety, restlessness, doubt if I should go ahead), spiritual direction is a very intensely personal thing I have to go through with a stranger (a priest alright) if I want to improve my spiritual life, but... Read More

Can friends be spiritual directors? Too old for spiritual direction?

Dear Dan, I’ve been going to spiritual direction for several years with a good friend. At her suggestion I have recently begun seeing a Catholic counselor to deal with issues from my past which have made it difficult for me to progress spiritually, to trust God, etc. Actually she insisted that I must see a counselor if she was to remain my SD. I was heading this way anyway, however, I was stunned... Read More

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