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Avila Institute School of Spiritual Formation – Winter Session


School of Spiritual Formation Winter Session Many people are not aware that the Avila Foundation, parent organization of, is also home to Divine Intimacy Radio and the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation. Since 2013, the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation has been instructing the faithful across the world in spiritual theology. The great thing about the School of... Read More

My Family is Struggling and I Need Help…


“My son is a college student who is struggling with some very tough issues. As his mother, I realized I was not equipped to help him. I went to Mass weekly, went to confession yearly, and said my prayers, but it had simply become the minimum of what I had to do. After taking the course, Discernment of Spirits, I realized that the minimum would not help my family. I needed spiritual strength... Read More

Discernment of Spirits – 30 Days w/ Teresa of Avila: Day 24 Reflections

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Discernment of Spirits 30 Days with Teresa of Avila Day 24 Reflections Divine Intimacy Radio How can we determine if our crosses are the work of God or the work of the enemy? Dan and Melissa discuss discernment of spirits and St. Teresa’s spiritual advice to a friend in a letter from the book 30 Days with Teresa of Avila. Topics/Questions covered in the show: Why does God answer our prayers... Read More

Spiritual Formation: Avila Courses Deadline

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Spring Session Two Deadline Is Approaching: Apply Now for Courses to Deepen your Faith The School of Spiritual Formation Spring Quarter Session Two offers five dynamic interactive online courses to help us, as children of God, to avail ourselves to enter deeper in relationship with the life of the Holy Trinity. I encourage you to take this opportunity to prayer, asking God if He wishes you to accept... Read More

Looking Closer at Angels and Demons

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We are living in an extraordinary time where it seems that the veil between the material and spiritual is thinning. There is a growing fascination and belief in the world that is unseen. Who are these creatures who dwell in the spiritual realm? Find yourself wanting to know the answers? Then you’ll be interested in our “Angels and Demons” course this spring at the Avila Institute for Spiritual... Read More

A Conversation Between Demons


Most people are not aware that conversations between demons actually happen. One record of such a conversation between demons is available to us through the brilliant mind of C.S. Lewis and the Screwtape Letters. Lewis reveals that Screwtape is a senior demon who is teaching a younger demon to tempt a Christian to sin, despair,and faithlessness. Lewis’ insight into the reality of demonic temptation... Read More

Do You Long to Deepen Your Faith and Relationship with God?

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Dear Catholic Spiritual Direction Friends, Recently, I was interviewed by Randy Hain, a prolific writer and frequent presenter on a number of topics including faith, family, Catholic men’s issues, fatherhood, faith/work integration, careers, authenticity, leadership and human capital. He is President of Serviam Partners Consulting/Coaching ( and actively serves on... Read More

Are you struggling with your prayer life?

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Prayer Life: Are you Struggling with it? “…Prayer is a surge of the heart; it is a simple look turned toward heaven, it is a cry of recognition and of love….” (St. Thérèse of Lisieux)  It is with great enthusiasm that we announce a new endeavor to help God’s faithful to find the path that the Lord has prepared to a life changing relationship with Him, the School of Spiritual... Read More

School of Spiritual Formation

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Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction was formed in 2009 to disseminate faithful Catholic spirituality and to encourage and help anyone who has questions about our faith by answering those questions. We continue to add new bloggers, formed a book club, hold webinars, and formed the Avila Institute to fulfill this mission. And, we continue to develop new ways to help illumine the path to Heaven that God... Read More

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