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Pope’s Encouragement to Mercy and Spiritual Direction


The Pope’s Latest Encouragement to Mercy and Spiritual Direction The Pope’s Latest Encouragement to Mercy and Spiritual Direction A recurring theme is emerging in Pope Benedict’s pontificate: the importance of mercy and spiritual direction. His latest encouragement of this practice is his most significant. In Sussidio per Confessori (The Priest, Minister of Divine Mercy: An Aid... Read More

Pope Benedict on Spiritual Direction

May 24, 2011 by  
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Pope_Benedict_XVI_2006-01-20 WIkimedia

What does Pope Benedict XVI think about spiritual direction? The Church has always recommended spiritual direction Spiritual direction is for every Catholic who desires to live out their baptism Those who are called into a substantive relationship with Christ need a spiritual director A spiritual director can help the directee avoid self-deception and the limits of their own wisdom/experience A... Read More

Pope Benedict Recommends Spiritual Direction to Everyone

May 19, 2011 by  
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VATICAN CITY, MAY 19, 2011 ( Anyone who wants to live their baptism responsibly should have a spiritual director, says Benedict XVI. The Pope affirmed this today when he addressed members of the Pontifical Theological Faculty Teresianum. The faculty was founded in 1935; the audience with the Holy Father was part of the institute’s celebrations of its 75th anniversary. Benedict XVI... Read More

Pope Benedict and Spiritual Direction

December 16, 2010 by  
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Pope_Benedict_XVI_2006-01-20 WIkimedia

Dear Friends, If you are not a regular pope-watcher you may have missed Pope Benedict’s frequent encouragement regarding the importance of the ancient and powerful practice of spiritual direction. Here’s excerpts from a recent article from CNA that contains some interesting insights: Pope Benedict XVI highlighted a saint from Turin as a model for priests in light of the recently concluded... Read More

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